Pastor Michelle Lyston is Senior Pastor of Restoration World Outreach Ministries Incorporated (RWOMI) in the United States of America and a senior leader in Restoration Outreach Ministries International (ROMI) Jamaica having worked in that ministry since its inception.
She is called to the Five-fold Ministry as a Teacher and a Prophetess and has worked with her husband relentlessly in Ministry. She is an ordained Pastor both in Jamaica and the United States through Restoration Outreach Ministries International (Jamaica) and Living Faith World Ministries (USA) and is committed to helping people understand the Word of God for Spiritual Growth and daily Life Applications! She has ministered in churches across Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Kansas. Souls have been healed, restored and strengthened in the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and England.
Pastor Michelle has a degree in Marketing and Management, and is also well trained in the area of Administration, particularly Church Administration having been in Church Administration for over nineteen (19) years. She has worked in the Public and Private Sectors of her native country – Jamaica -and, through the grace of God, has a wealth of experience in secular Administration, Customer Service, Technology and Communications, Marketing, Finance and Management Information Systems. She heads the entire Administrative Team both locally and overseas. She has helped her husband in the preparation and publication of all his books, numerous manuals, and flyers and has created the Newsletters for RWOMI, ROMI and other organizations both past and present. She is currently a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in Florida. She co-hosted a dynamic and gripping program with her husband on Radio WAVS 1170 for three (3) years called “Before Dawn”. Pastor Michelle also has the gift of song and has written several songs, including ‘Today’ – a song she wrote and released on the occasion of her wedding. She states that her greatest joy is Praise and Worship and she loves to worship the Lord in song and dance.
Pastor Michelle states that she is called “… to the Body of Christ rather than to a denomination …” and her God-given vision is to help the Body of Christ and the peoples of the nations understand how the Word of God can be applied to their lives so that they can receive the fullness of what God has for them. She is driven by the Word, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” as in Hosea 4: 6. Her determination is to ensure that the people of God understand who they are in Christ and to let them know how important it is not to accept mediocrity in any form.
Though she grew up in the Methodist Church, and comes from a family of Lay Persons, Preachers, Teachers and Singers, she answered the call to ministry while working as a manager within one of the largest group of companies in that country. She states that her parents, who continue to serve in the Methodist Church and who are also retired Educators “… were the first ones to teach [her] the value and importance of being faithful in the House of the Lord, loyalty and commitment to God and Family, Education, walking in Integrity and striving for excellence …” Since her answer to the call of Ministry, she has since been trained in several other areas of Ministry.
Pastor Michelle, the first of three (3) children and is married to Apostle Steve Lyston, a man she says she has admired and respected since the day they met and loves with all her heart. Like her husband, Pastor Michelle believes that accountability and order must return to the Body of Christ, and the people of God must be edified to the Glory of God!


Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston